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max core

When Tahitian Noni Juice was first formulated in the mid-1990s, Morinda discovered that there were more superfruits out there that paired really extraordinarily well with Tahitian Noni. Blueberry, for example. Blueberries have always been a part of the proprietary Tahitian Noni Juice formula, and that’s because blueberry and Tahitian Noni are excellent companions. They complement each other extremely well.

Well, a few years ago we discovered more superfruits to pair with Tahitian Noni: Cranberry, olive leaf, and Cornelian cherry. We loved these superfruits so much that we decided to launch new products that paired these ingredients with pure Tahitian Noni.

You know these products as Max and Extra. Though never officially branded as Tahitian Noni products, Max and Extra were always part of the Tahitian Noni family. Tahitian Noni Juice, Max and Extra have always been companion products around the world.

And we learned something important about Max and Extra: You love these products!

Yulia Blatter had this to say about Max, “I have been with Morinda for many years, and my most favorite product is Max! I love this product for its powerful formula, and the way it keeps my immune system working strong!”

This comes from Rosalind Humes: “I started drinking Max in 2011 and my life changed. Max helped me tremendously. I drink Max every day and it has helped me do all the things I love to do. I can dance again! Noni juice works!”

These are just two of the many reviews we’ve collected over the years. We absolutely love your testimonials and product reviews. We can’t get enough of them!

Max is a special product. So is Extra. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that Max and Extra, along with Pure-our noni puree supplement-are officially joining the Tahitian Noni brand family.

TruAge Max will now be known as Tahitian Noni Max. TruAge Extra and TruAge Pure will now be Tahitian Noni Extra and Tahitian Noni Pure. Each product will share the iconic Tahitian Noni Juice bottle and label that is so well known and loved throughout the world.

All of our Tahitian Noni Beverages will now be one beautiful, elegant, cohesive family of Tahitian Noni superfruit products.

Now just to be clear, these are cosmetic changes only. You Max, Extra and Pure lovers will still have the exact product you love. The product and formula will not change in the slightest, but now the bottle makes it abundantly clear that this is part of the Tahitian Noni brand family.

The new bottles will be in production soon, and we can’t wait until you superfans get your hands on these superfruit beverages.